Frequently Asked Questions

In Malaysia, there are many pest control companies to choose from, but they are not all the same. Therefore, start by asking the following questions to ensure that the pest control company you hire can truly handle your pest problem:

  • Is this a reputable, established company?
  • Are they specialists in commercial pest control?
  • Do they know about my business and the unique challenges faced regarding pest control?
  • Are their staff and technicians thoroughly trained?
  • Are they certified and/or licensed?
  • Are they recognised by the Pest Control Association of Malaysia (PCAM) or other Pest Control organizations?
Spraying pesticide is just one small part of managing pest problems. To be truly effective, it is vital to complete a comprehensive inspection of your facility to determine the type of pest infestation, locate potentially conducive areas, and to identify possible entry points. Then, all potential pest-entry points should be sealed.

Pesticides should only be used when necessary, and when targeting specific pest species. Otherwise, the improper use of pesticides might even worsen your pest problems! Why not call AntiPest for a free, non-obligatory professional survey today?
Many companies approach commercial pest management by applying the same programs to every kind of business. However, at Antipest, we believe that every industry offers different pest control challenges unique to the different types of industries and facilities. That is why we always use our Five Step programme to design a treatment programme that's just right for your business.
AntiPest uses efficient tools with international standards as well as endorsed technology to exterminate the pests.

  • Service Technician conducting fogging
  • Service Technician conducting Residual spraying
  • Cockroach Gel, single drop of which brings death to more than 100 roaches
  • Termatrac
  • B&G Electric Duster Model 2250 for fleas and other bugs
  • Termite Locator
  • SPI (Stored Products Insect)
  • Full-Facemask Respirator
  • Predator Insect Trap
  • Perimeter Bait System
  • Tamper Resistant Bait Station (TRBS)
  • Decore
  • Try N Fly
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