Frequently Asked Questions

Antipest uses a specialized Antipest Pest Alert System program and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to help control pests.
The PEST ALERT SYSTEM is a Pest Control Service program that is tailor-made to our clients' individual needs. This service is offered to any industry that is required to meet existing GMP/ISO/HACCP and other internal or international standards.

The Pest Alert System should cover the clients' entire premise (ie. the whole factory with its offices, workshops, garages and land). The system follows strict Integrated Pest Management (IPM) protocols that meet or exceed auditors' standards, and has been proven to minimize pest infestation at the premise.
AntiPest strongly advocates the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which is an environmentally responsible approach to pest management that emphasizes non-chemical control techniques, such as sanitation and facility maintenance, to help prevent pest infestations before they start.

Since IPM is a collaborative effort, we will work with you, your staff and your company to identify the most common "hot spots" for pest, and take steps to ensure the proper treatment and monitoring of pests in your building.

By following the latest practices in IPM, we help our clients create a cleaner and healthier working environment.
Audit-Ready Documentation

Antipest will compile a special Pest Alert file. Two copies of the file (one for The Client and one for Antipest) will be kept for easy reference during audit and when further action is required.

The contents of the file are categorized as:
  • Index
  • Introduction to Pest Alert System
  • The Initial Survey Report and report of Recommendations/ Corrective Actions
  • The Scope of the Pest Control services
  • Layout plan indicating the treatment areas and monitoring points
  • Routine Service Checklist
  • List of Approved Pesticides with copies of MSDS
  • List of Trained and Authorized AntiPest Service Teams
  • Trend Analysis Report
  • Technical Audit Meetings Report
Our experienced teams of technical staff are trained in the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, and in servicing ISO, HACCP and GMP certified manufacturing establishments. We will also assign our Quality Assurance Officer and a senior technical staff to ensure that our quality standards are consistently maintained.
Every AntiPest Pest Alert System technical staff is a Licensed Applicator (APAL) certified by the Pesticide Board of Malaysia, and has received extensive and comprehensive training on the latest treatment techniques that conform to standards set by the ISO, HACCP and GMP certification boards.
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