A List of the Most Unwanted Pests


Silverfish feed on cellulose, starches, linen fibers, shampoo and shaving foam; hence, they can be found in dark and damp places, like the bathroom, the kitchen and the basement. They can ruin fabrics and papers, and they can even they can even contaminate food.

Since the silverfish dwell in areas of high humidity, signs of their presence can be detected by looking for their feces (which are pepper-like and very small) and eggs (which are small, at 1 mm in length, and white or yellow in colour) which are usually hidden in fissures by the mother silverfish.

The treatment of a silverfish infestation requires the help of a pest control specialist; they cannot be exterminated by D.I.Y methods. The professional pest control expert needs to locate the colonies, and the eggs must be destroyed in order to completely eliminate the silverfish infestation.

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