Agenda System - Wipes out Termites, Wipes out Worries

Agenda (a.k.a Termidor) is the most tested termiticide in history. Before it was made available to homeowners worldwide, it underwent some of the toughest inspections to determine its value and effectiveness.

It has been rigorously evaluated and scrutinized in all parts of the globe including termite-prone areas in the USA, Japan, and more. At every location, the Agenda System proved 100% effective, without exception.

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Advantages of Agenda (a.k.a Termidor)

  • A responsible, odorless and low-dose treatment approved by the Pesticide Board of Malaysia.
  • Highly effective against all species of subterranean termites.
  • The most extensively tested termiticide in history.
  • Stringent data records in the USA have proven that the Agenda solution has a 100% success rate, and is effective over a period of 5 years.
  • The unique method of ingestion, along with the transference of the chemical allows, for an impressive control of termite colonies in 3 months or less.
  • No effect on plants growing in treated soil, earthworms and other soil micro flora.
How we setup the Agenda System
  1. A visual inspection of all easily accessible areas within the premises will be carried out. All subterranean termite infestations detected will be treated via direct spraying method.
  2. Holes of approximately 12mm in diameter will be drilled at 30cm (12-inch) intervals along the perimeter ground-floor slab joint and infested areas. All holes that are drilled will penetrate the concrete floor slab.
  3. Agenda will be introduced into the soil through the drilled holes by means of a pressurized pump. All holes will be sealed with a cement mix or some other similarly suitable material and then colored (if required) to match the general appearance of the surface of the floors.

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