An Effective Way to Repel Pigeons, Starlings and House Sparrows

Bird Repellent - Eaton's "4 The Birds" (USA)

This bird repellent is a safe, transparent compound that can be easily applied to places where birds roost. "4 THE BIRDS" is an imported product from USA, and it contains polybutene (polybutadiene) which is used in chewing gum, surgical bandages and lipstick, so it is safe to handle.

Effective in repelling pigeons, starlings and house sparrows, Eaton's "4 The Birds" does not bring harm to the birds; its solid consistency merely makes roosting uncomfortable for the birds.

By nature, birds tend to roost in the same places repeatedly. After using Eaton's "4 The Birds", birds will be compelled to leave for new locations.


  • Use the bird repellent gel on ledges, roosts and other areas where pigeons, sparrows and starlings, as well as other nuisance birds, frequent.
  • Using a caulking gun, simply apply the bird repellent (in beads no larger than 1/2" wide by 1/2" deep) in strips (approximately 2" apart; not too close together) beginning from the outer edge (approximately 1" away from the edge)
  • The repellent leaves a clear, odourless, gluey substance that birds just hate! Once they land on it, Eaton's "4 The Birds" sticks to their feet, preventing them from hopping around on the ledge or roost.
  • The bird repellent gel works to great effect, and can easily be cleaned with the use of mineral spirits. Also, it does not harm the birds. One tube of the bird repellent gel (10 oz) can cover 10 linear feet.
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