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Electronic Insects Trapping Device (EITD)

The AntiPest Electronic Insects Trapping Device (EITD) is a quality system, packaged in a unique and decorative design, which controls and regulates the annoying threat of flying insects. Discreet and hygienic, it is undoubtedly an effective method in attracting and trapping flying insects. Additionally, it is easy to clean and easy to maintain at a very affordable price. The Antipest EITD system, which is GMP, ISO and HACCP compliant, provides a method that has No noise, No smell, No debris, No pollution and No chemicals without compromising on its ability to function at maximum capacity.

TypeWall Mounted
MaterialStainless steel/ Steel
Brightness15 Watts x 3
Dimension500mm x 295mm x 67mm
ColourStainless steel


  • The Hercules unit is defined by its sleek, modern appearance, its high quality performance and its versatility in tackling various insect problems
  • Ideal for use in all production and manufacturing plants, and food production and preparation areas.
  • Provides outstanding protection from flying insects.
  • Its UV tubes supply a stronger attraction power to flying insects compared to other existing systems in the current market.
  • It has a unique stainless steel cover, which is easy to clean and maintain. The stainless steel also reduces the harsh reflective glare; thus, giving the unit an elegant, soft and graceful appearance.
TypeWall Mounted
MaterialMild Steel
Brightness18 Watts x 2
Dimension660mm x 245mm x 110mm


  • The unique and decorative front cover.
  • Cleverly conceals the glue board and insect trap; thus, providing a discreet and environmentally friendly control system for flying insects.
  • Ideal for use in restaurants, F&B outlets, hotels, dining rooms, hospitals and all public areas where it is essential that the management of flying insects is hidden from the view of the naked eye.
  • Front cover can be painted, wall-papered or decorated to match existing decor.
  • Disguised as a wall sconce with a full-size glue board, it has two powerful18 watt-UV tubes standard lamp that is hidden from view.
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