A List of the Most Unwanted Pests


Bed bugs are our living nightmare before we fall asleep. As the name suggests, the bed is their natural habitat, and they can be found in the box-spring, headboard and mattress. The main reason they choose these particular places as areas of habitation is because bed bugs are attracted to body heat and exhaled carbon dioxide. Bed bugs feed on blood, and can cause humans to suffer from itchy bites leading to irritation and sleep deprivation.

An effective bed bug treatment usually involves both chemical and non-chemical treatments. Proper cleaning, heating and vacuuming, combined with the use of pesticides, must be done for effective control and successful results.

Identification of Bed Bug Infestation:
  • Tiny dark spots on the bed sheet. They are the bed bugs' feces.
  • Miniscule, white-colored eggs that measure at about 1 mm in length.
  • Dead skin shed by nymphs.
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