A List of the Most Unwanted Pests


These pesky little insects are most unwelcome, especially when you are in the midst of enjoying a delicious meal. Do not underestimate the houseflies as they can be highly detrimental to human health. They feed on foodstuff via the most unhygienic way by salivating on food before ingesting it, thereby leaving bacteria on the remaining food. This can cause the spread of diseases such as cholera, typhoid fever and tuberculosis. The average lifespan of a fly is 1 month, and a female fly can produce more than 500 eggs in 4 days.

Flies are, without a doubt, a major threat to the food and beverage business. These food contaminators are difficult to get rid of as they are born with an "evasive radar" which enables them to dodge ineffective hand claps. Specially designed gadgets are needed to effectively remove this health hazard.

Treatment Methods:
  • Installation of electronic fly killing equipment
  • Fly baits
  • Residual spray
  • ULV misting
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