A List of the Most Unwanted Pests


Mosquitoes are highly dangerous to human beings due to their life-threatening transmission of dengue fever. Love bites from these annoying bloodsuckers can cause an itchy rash; if you are unfortunate, and are bitten by a mosquito carrying a virus, you could also be infected by deadly diseases, such as filariasis, malaria and yellow fever. Many mosquito species can live up to 2 months.

Mosquito larvae are often found on the surface of stagnant water, such as a pond or a bucket of long-kept still water. Although mosquito larvae are extremely small, they can be easily spotted as the larvae are often produced in a large mass. A mosquito larva is cigar-shaped, and a clump of these brownish larvae resemble a grain of oats. The larvae and the mosquitoes must be eradicated before a possible epidemic strikes.

Treatment Methods:
  • Thermal fogging
  • Water-based misting
  • Larviciding
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